Toppers Consultancy B.V.

The independent professional for the Confectionery Industry


Toppers Consultancy BV has been founded (2008) by Joop Toppers  and we are aiming at exchanging our expertise in this specific area of sweets industry with other parties

My name is Johannes (Joop) Toppers and I have been working in the sweets industry for many years for companies such as Red Band Venco, NL Pharma, Verduijn and the well known multinational Perfetti van Melle.

At Red Band Venco I have, next to my responsibilities as production manager, developed several types of the typical Dutch sweets, liquorice. I was also the person responsible for the automation  of the packaging department.

NL Pharma was a small pharmaceutical company which, next to food supplements such as garlic and calcium tablets, produced a typical throat lozenge with the brand name Wybert. I was appointed Production Director and next to managing 2 production plants and the R&D department, I have been responsible for the purchase and logistics of confectionary (typical drugstore sweets).  

At Perfetti van Melle I was appointed Product Development & Process Manager, responsible for the product  development of Liquorice, gums, jelly and extrusion products.

Next to the development I was also responsible for the processing in the factory in Hoorn, The Netherlands

At the Verduijn (private label) company I have operated as interim manager at the Jamin factories in Oosterhout Holland. At this company I have strongly improved the moulding process  and drying techniques this improve the output with  40%

From 2008 we work as consultant for different companies round the world in Brazil, China, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Russia, Romania and Slovakia. If you like more information about the projects we have done, please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.